Recommended JAV porn sites

I recommend Good JAV porn sites in each genre on this page. I have introduced only JAV porn sites that are confirmed safety by myself. The main evaluation criteria other than safety is made below.

  1. Free sample videos:Of course, because we want to watch porn videos, we want to make sure that porn movies are our favorite before join.
  2. Fee:Because we pay the money, the number of JAV porn videos, quality of videos, such as ease of use of the site, I think these criteria are also important.
  3. Evaluation and Reputation:We want to join a stable porn site that have long-established history of the site.

In the most adult site that are introduced on this website, month membership is available. One month membership fee is almost 30 – 50 US dollars. After join, you can download more than several hundred porno.

Comprehensive – All genres JAV porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
All you can watch uncensored JAV porno movies everyday for only $1.65 per day. You can download them. You can enjoy uncensored JAV erotic movies at ease and safety even for beginners. On the other hand, there are not so many voyeur shots and maniacal videos.$49.5
For just $2.17 a day, you can watch all the uncensored JAV erotic movies you want every day, and you get more than 120 JAV erotic movies a month, which is more than you’ll get at Caribbeancom. However, the price seems to be more expensive compared to Caribbeancom.$65
Just $1.6 a day gets you all the uncensored JAV erotic movies you want every day; just $48 a month gets you 90 JAV sex movies. This is a cheaper rate than Caribbeancom and 1pondo. The site is still young, so the number of videos is less than Caribbeancom and 1pondo.$48
HeyDouga has more than 30,000 JAV erotic movies. You can watch unlimited erotic movies and you can purchase your favorite erotic movies from one at a time, and you can watch original movies which are only available at HEYdouga. The all you can watch service is not downloadable and the price of one uncensored movie is more expensive than becoming a member of each JAV sites.Unlimited streaming $12.99
Erotic videos can be purchased for $1
X1X has delivered many uncensored erotic movies from porn stars, amateurs, mature women to erotic animation. I think it is a reasonable and conscientious site. There are a lot of minor JAV porn actresses’ works and it is a little plain impression.$38
You can download all the uncensored JAV porn videos from famous adlut sites like Caribbeancom, 1pondo, PacoPacoMama, 10Musume, etc. for only $1.6 a day. It’s quite a bargain, but there aren’t many newer titles available.$48
Javholic has all JAV porn videos of J Girl Paradise, J Wife Paradise, J Amateur Paradise, Akiba Honpo, Oriental Movie, etc. You can enjoy uncensored erotic movies at a reasonable price. But there are a lot of old erotic movies.Unlimited streaming plan is $9.99
Download plan is $24.99
All you can download over 5,000 JAV pornd videos and erotic anime for just $1.5 a day. It doesn’t support streaming and is not very easy to use.45ドル
More than 10,000 erotic videos of various types, updated frequently, and at a low price; you can download more than 10 porn videos daily for about $1.2 a day. On the other hand, the selection of voyeurism and maniac videos is thin.$35
HGMO stands for High Grade Movie Online, but it’s a bit pricey and not a good value for money site. To be honest, I do not recommend membership.$69

JAV young amateur porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
10Musume is completely original and uncensored JAV porn amateur videos. You can download at least 3 sex videos in full high-definition quality for only about $1.6 a day, every day of your ministry. There are also great deals on streaming only. However, the sample videos have eyes in them and you can’t tell before you join if they are beautiful or ugly.Regular Plan $48.5
Streaming plan $25
You can download 5-6 JAV amateur girls Gonzo sex videos from late teens to 20s for only $1.6 a day. They are real amateur girls, so not all of them are beautiful and some are ugly. It’s quite realistic for that reason.$48
The site delivers uncensored JAV porn videos that seem to be a direct result of a man’s erotic fantasies. The uniqueness is very high, and it delivers erotic movies that make you laugh at the title name. However, there are a lot of weird erotic movies, and if you don’t have the same taste, you might not like it.$48
It is a JAV adult site focusing on Lolita, Sisterhood and High teen girls. The level of the girls on the site is high and there are many cute girls. But there are not only uncensored porn videos, but also erotic videos with mosaic.$48
The site offers rare erotic videos, both posted videos and sneak peeks, as well as file-sharing software leaked material. For the low price of $29 a month, you can enjoy it!First month $39
Continuation $29
Pinky is a very user-friendly site with a high frequency of erotic video updates and 10GB of download capacity per day. It’s just not a very good site.$45

JAV MILFs sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
You can download about 10 JAV MILF porno movies every day for only $1.62 a day. You can watch all the uncensored MILF erotic videos every day. It’s a little disappointing that many of the free samples have eyes in them.$48.5
H0930 offers you unlimited access to uncensored Gonzo sex videos of real, amateur wives every day for only $1.6 per day. You can download 8~10 JAV erotic movies every day. They are serious amateur wife, so not only beautiful, but they are also an ugly old lady.$48
From young wives in their 20’s to mature women in their 50’s and 60’s. They are fat, ugly, metabolic, and elderly. Fat, ugly, metabolic, grandma, and other maniacal milf porn videos that you can only see in the Jukujo Club are all here for you to enjoy. On the other hand, if you don’t like mature women, it may be hard for you.$48
This is the sister site of H0930, where you can watch all the uncensored home-filmed sex videos of amateur wives on HITOZUMA-GIRI as well. To be honest, there is not much difference between H0930. If you like Etchy 0930, you will be satisfied with HITOZUMA-GIRI as well.$48
The JAV MILF site is based on the concept of beautiful mature women and has quite a few beautiful mature women. for just $1.6 a day, you can download 20-30 mature women videos every day. But not all of them are uncensored JAV erotic videos, and some of them are mosaic MILF videos.$48

JAV voyeur porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
Quality of JAV voyeuristic videos, number of voyeuristic videos, picture quality and wide range of voyeuristic situations. In addition, you can also use “Punyo in the public bath” if you become an EX member. There are no weaknesses in this site with perfect score for a voyeuristic video site.General Membership $49
EX membership $82
The number of uncensored voyeuristic videos delivered is the largest among the voyeuristic sites, over 8,000, and there are a huge number of voyeuristic videos and posted porn videos. The price is also inexpensive among the voyeurism sites. It’s a shame that the free samples are so few and it’s hard to convey the appeal of the site.$65
You can download as many JAV voyeur videos as you want at the lowest membership rates of any of the voyeuristic sites. You can download as many voyeuristic videos as you want at the lowest membership fee. Its cost performance is the BEST! However, not all of them are uncensored sneak-people videos, but some of them are erotic videos with mosaic.$36
The site specializes in bath voyeurism, “Punyo in the Public Bath”. There is no better adult site for bath voyeurism than this one, and I think the EX membership of 1919gogo is more cost-effective in total.$45
It is a JAV adult site with a focus on voyeuristic videos and amateur posted porn videos. There is a lot of free voyeuristic videos. However, I think the download capacity of 3GB per day is a little bit strict.$70
Softo Ichiba is a site that sells privately shot spy videos and sexually explicit videos for sale. Therefore, you don’t have a monthly membership, but rather you purchase pornographic videos one by one. So the total cost performance is inferior to the monthly membership site.
Tousatsudou has delivered JAV voyeuristic style erotic videos that can be enjoyed in a variety of situations. If you are looking for realistic voyeurism, it may not be enough for you.$45
NOZOX is not your average voyeuristic video site. 24 hours live streaming service allows you to watch girls sleeping, taking a bath, going to the toilet, changing clothes, masturbation and more. You can experience the excitement of a different kind of voyeuristic video, but the price is a bit expensive.$180

Maniac, Sexual humiliation, Shemale and Lesbian porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
It is the only one porn site in the world that the most embarrassing defecation scene than SEX can be seen without mosaic in the uncensored JAV porn movie. If you like scat or women’s toilet voyeurism, you’ll be happy with this one. But if you’re not interested in female feces, it might just be creepy.$58
Unwashed pussy, weird masturbation, urination and incontinence are also many maniacal JAV porn videos. They are all really maniacal uncensored erotic videos that can only be seen here. The free sample is abundant, and it is glad that you can see and confirm it beforehand. But there may be a lot of projects that you may not understand.$45
Many maniacal erotic movies from dirty dirty scat to rape, SM, anal sex, and more. This is the precious JAV porn site where you can get the dirty dirty dirty movies without mosaic and uncensored. However, unfortunately, there is only 1 free sample, and it is regrettable that the charm of the mania is not shown enough.98 dollars.
Smartphone membership is $49.
Adult site specializing in JAV blowjob movies. You can watch blowjobs, facial and oral cum shots by popular porn stars in high quality and uncensored erotic videos with unlimited download. It’s a site for blowjob lovers. The membership fee changes depending on the AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
The only adult site in the world that specializes in handjob movies. Gentle hand jobs by popular porn stars are available with high quality, unlimited download uncensored JAV porn video. If you like handjob, you can’t miss this site. On the other hand, the membership fee is changed by AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
Man violates women who don’t like cock with his cock, and forces them to give him a blowjob and an eroticism. You can download as many uncensored erotic videos as you want. We recommend this adult site for those who like sadistic erotic movies. On the other hand, the membership fee fluctuates according to the AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
Defiling a beautiful woman with a man’s semen. If you like facial cum ejaculation and bukkake, you’ll love this adult site. You can download as many uncensored erotic movies and videos as you want! On the other hand, membership rates fluctuate depending on the AI’s decisions.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
JAV Adult site for the women foot lovers, by the women foot lovers, to the women foot lovers. You can watch and download as many uncensored JAV footjob porn movies as you want, including foot job and foot licking. If you like women’s foot, or have a foot fetish, you’ll be absolutely satisfied with this site. The membership fee changes every time according to the AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
JPE Encore is a site that offers films from the legendary JPExpress, the first adult site. If you’re of the generation that watched the old erotic videos, you’ll be nostalgic for them. But if you don’t know about “JP Express”, you don’t need it.$39.95
Maniac Max 1 is a maniac JAV porn site for those in the know. The site’s hardcore maniacal erotic videos are highly rated and have been published in magazines in the area. The site structure may be a little difficult to use.$45.5

Blond and Asian beauty porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
Blonde betury porn adult site by Japanese, for Japanese. You can watch as many as you want with only 1.6$ per day, and you can download about 10 porn movies every day. You can enjoy the uncensored Asian girl sex videos from all over the world with the addition of Asian girl’s uncensored erotic movies.$48
Uncensored VR pornography site. An adult site where you can experience realistic virtual sex with blondes. If you have a VR device, you should try this adult site.19.95 Euro
H0930WORLD is the best place to find uncensored blonde married women and black mature women porn videos. This is a site that specializes in MILF porn videos and is not biased towards Caucasian, and you can enjoy uncensored foreign MILF videos of a pretty wide range of races. It’s a pretty narrow niche of erotic videos, so if you’re not interested, you don’t need to be.$48

Lesbian JAV porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
This is not just a lesbian porn site that delivers lesbian sex videos, as it is a sister site of Nyoshin, such as selfie lesbians, cosplay lesbians, and tricking my friends into bringing her here, but it is not just an adult site that delivers lesbian sex videos. It’s a lesbian porn site that offers lesbian sex in quite a maniacal project.$45
This is a legitimate lesbian adult site. You can download unlimited JAV lesbian sex videos by beautiful women with high quality uncensored erotic videos. The membership fee changes every time depending on the AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen

Shemale porn sites

NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
A legitimate transsexual JAV porn site. A beautiful woman’s face and body, which you can’t imagine to be a man, and somehow a big man’s cock is attached to it. If you want to enjoy such a perversion of the world of transsexuals, this is the only site for you. The price of membership changes every time depending on the AI’s decision.2000 yen ~ 4000 yen
The only site in the world that specializes in uncensored VR transsexual erotic videos. The only one site in the world where you can enjoy real virtual sex with beautiful transsexuals! Uncensored VR New Half Porno movies are available for download with no limit!24.99 euro


NameAdvantages and disadvantages1 month membership fee
HanimeZ is a JAV adult site specializing in HENTAI erotic anime and manga, and you can download as much erotic anime and manga as you want for only $39 a month. After all, there are uncensored erotic animations, but the latest ones are mosaic works.$39